VDSS Intelligent Atomization Disinfection Gate

 It uses plasma, ultraviolet, light wave disinfection, 720 degrees sterilization.

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The question in everyone’s mind is, how do we effectively sterilize, and disinfect to ensure the safety of people in all public places, and work environments and prevent further spreading of the current virus epidemic. 


It is fully automatic and fully intelligent. It uses plasma, ultraviolet, light wave disinfection, 720 degrees sterilization and anti-virus technology. It can disinfect and sterilize all parts of the body in a full range. The layout is reasonable and it will not cause any discomfort to the respiratory tract and other organs. 

It supports face recognition comparison when wearing a mask, ID card swipe recognition, Fingerprint devices and other peripheral extensions, which can be used as an access to control attendance, and maintain security for personnel. It also has an automatic alarm, and a self-stop protection for liquid shortage. It has passage lighting for use at night and a universal wheel and brake function, 4nozzles for comprehensive disinfection and a voice prompt system. It has a 220V household AC power. It does not require professional installation and debugging. 

Sterlization Cabin Information PDF